Gopalcami Duraisamy Naidu

 'He's a treasure, Tamil Nadu. His fame spread around the world have said "big".

'He did not take advantage of the full range of knowledge in our society. He valued his findings alappariya treasuries' arinaranna said.

'Their education, development very seriously Avvur people who find her to be proud of. How proud we must live with such a man that openly praised Sir. C. Thu. Raman

Who is he?
GT Duraisamy Naidu Naidu was the kopalcami

(March 23, 1893 - 1974) Science metaikalul good one here. Numerous research in agriculture.

The Coimbatore District, was born in the village of galangal. GT Naidu studies more interested in his young age was illatavaray. He knew himself to read and write to the author reading from his favorite nulkalaiyellam buy whatever developed his knowledge and his unique.

Velippataventum thought that was strange to see him.

Decent living, thirsty for knowledge, if appropriate efforts to achieve one of his unshakeable belief that nothing was impossible. The only advice he gave to others. He pursued his life completely. In spite of the economic life of the rich man who lived during the period of controlled waste to be fully used. That's why he was able to accomplish a lot. Puratcikkaran was a young age, one of the village leaders in the country against the high-wage workers to gather a strike. Kuliyinri struggled workers on strike at the time, gave his entire personal savings.

GD Naidu kovaiyilirunta a motor factory at the age of young people in the work. Attolil perceived as a serious study of the techniques recognizes.

Shortly after he was fed up to the worker to others. Work and with the money saved from his salary to the credit of friends he founded a cotton factory. Kalamayiruntat the First World War began, he took heat in the cotton industry. Apiritamana business talent in his short time he became one millionth of the number of fingers. Then go Bombay Cotton continued business. Cotton Bombay stock brokers could not keep back the lost city.

But Naidu was manantalarata motor, truck, bus transportation to the work involved in the Stans joined Durai. He patturuntat question about Naidu's ability to borrow the term of the loan, a bus by plugging it back, then he should be given a portion of the amount of daily vaculakum said. Palani to Pollachi from the first to the employer and employee bus Naidu directed. Naidu and some others do not want to be alone for the Joint United Motor Service was included in the company. Annalileye facilities for passengers, drivers and facilities for the accommodation of a similar Naidu. Buses for the first time in his company and, at the time of departure of the bus stations to find and keep a record of the instrument. The time to prepare an engine to provide tickets used his small factory.

These findings kaivanta nayutuvirku art. Science in the field, he has made achievements in many. Motor radiator parallel to the machine kantupitittan through the radiator often pour water need the buses to it. Engine running while its vibrational rate increase, decrease find out Vibrator Tester The machine detects the foreign scientists in parallel to our country science pursued can Naidu to prove to the world. motor vehicle industry is completely different walks of life came to him, he continued his findings. utaviyayirunta distance adjuster so that in future in the field of photographic equipment, juice pilintetukka a tool, get pogonotomy blade, he continued his findings.

Blade is produced by an American company to make Naidu said that he did not agree to kappurimattai heard it a million dollar sale. Tamilakattileye them with the intention of producing steel atarkuttevaiyana great efforts to import from the country of Norway. But his efforts did not kaikut. Gone are the golden mutiyamale Naidu to the patent for the invention. One of his discoveries in the exhibition in the German city of shaving razor, blade, and first place, respectively, received the third gift. "Many companies whose innovations to the right would refuse to grant them, in our country, and to prepare our state funds demanded., But the Indian government's request cevimatukkatat but the process might become. The mind utaintuppona Naidu, a U.S. company with his invention million to own the rights for free provided".

He was sharp: 'A million bucks from the U.S. company bought the British Government to give nine million tax free over celuttuvataivita.'

Their discovery - of the Central Government ata - ravu not denounced - Tum, the more you put on the line and violate the state, in a different show esayee Arranged on the ground (13.1.1954). Unemployed tintat - Year of the meeting was given.

In fact, in order to express protest against the Central Government, the discovery of their products among the general population in the event that was organized utaippatarkakave.'s Speech, Dr. varataraculu Naidu, RV Caminatan, A.. Govindasamy, former Minister. Ramanathan, B. Socialist Party. Small - Durai, former Chief Minister Dr.Subbarayan, Mohan Kumaramankalam, vikeke John MLC, KD Kocal Ram, Arignar Anna, acupuncture participated kurucami et al. That means everyone who spoke out against the government - that had to be broken.'s Business Talk - before dropping product - GDP has arranged to utaikkumaru Naidu.

Speaking last thing you've done Periyar paittiyak - karattanamana thing would be hard-foolish. The crowd roaring nonsense having to purchase a fixed term. But, more than that, and they go to great Periyar onkiyatittar that silly nonsense.

What break - help? Atciyaiyallava Delhi Periyar karccittar that is responsible for this break, many of the findings of Naidu, another reason being that most of the government's use of the maximum tax imposed against him.

In the context of that country to pay higher taxes imposed on the oruvarayiruntum him a reputation of being the tax evasion. Therefore, was simply to give the government will simultaneously broken heart. I will not pay a penny of income variyenra name, that capatametuttar.

His mechanical inventions, not just in the motor industry, agriculture was a tremendous achievement. Vitaikalilla Narttankay, orange and some of his findings. Next, colaccetikal loss shortly after the injection of the drug by injection with 26 branches and 18 1/2 feet to grow up! There were three or four katirkaltan normal colacceti. But Naidu's picture on the 39 plants were katirkalvarai, and then the cotton plant, bitter vetch plant, he continued his research. Plant research, he discovered the amazing amerikkarkalaiye

Pools. Cotton plant jermaniyarkala his wonderful 'Naidu Cotton' smart honor the name. However, the Indian government In .1938 ignored his eighteen million worth of company-owned transport buses and handed over free of charge to kalakattar Regional Park.

Home to the country's youth benefit from industry experts to form the desired objective of Naidu was possible to read them. It requires only that India Vocational advised her to seek the youth. His son, GD Vocational education was sent to kalaikkalluri Copa read. He is now on his father developed the industry's first polytechnic institutions cares .. They introduced the GT nayututan. Short, the GTX efficient mrrum tulliyammanatu Nai's Formula yutu. Sardar show he created in the auto mobile engineer Polytechnic 45 days, 42 days, was created on the radio engineer. Chennai Guindy Engineering klluri professors, students took care of it with accaryappatut. Military officials do it.

Kantuppittu usual long fibers of cotton seeds sold for 10 rupees. Germans bought it Hybrid prepare for atr "Naidu named Cotton. Papaya seeds are found throughout the world anuppapattana Naidu. Naidu produced diabetes, asthma, medicines for diseases such as vellaipatutal received U.S. niruvanammana Spicer. 2,500 rupees for the production of small-class car and sent to the Central Government for its Blue pirintaiyum. It llow the Central Government, has given support to the car before the car has come Naidu. On 7/11/1967 at 9:30 in the morning to 3.45 in the evening after nattappattu stone was the grand opening of the finished house. Technologists beyond the height of the camanyan whether Converter simplifies the uyartiru. GD Naidu's record. As usual, the independence of India, Naidu did not.

Naidu during the tour of the establishment of foreign companies to provide training equipment, tools, he gave her to college for free. The opening of the first electric motor manufacturing plant in India, a proud kovaiyileye rests with him. GD Naidu who is strong in the art of the photograph.

Participate in the programs, the type of the small camera, he'll take the picture. The presidents of the Hall are filled with a large photo.

Chellammal for GD Naidu, renkanayaki the 2 wives. Kittammal first wife, 2 daughters in Sarojini, wife file for at least 2 of the only son was born. President V. V. Giri, the late leader were big friends. GD Naidu at the end of 1973, 80-year-old became ill affected. Rattakkotippi nalum, suffered from rheumatic disease. Vellore hospital treatment received in the time allowed for a month. And then come back to Coimbatore iruntavare received treatment at home.

GD Naidu is not well understood by President V. V. Giri, wife caracuvati come to Coimbatore with mother inquired after him well. He spoke with the GD Naidu.

GD Naidu's health condition became worse in the morning on 411974. Lost consciousness. He was in intensive care doctors. However, without treatment GD Naidu died at 945 in the morning. Renkanayaki split life wife, son, Gopal, kittammal daughters, Sarojini, daughter in law and close Chandralekha.

Naidu on the GT Road, Worli etirileye his home in Coimbatore avinaci formed a complex one.

The largest Gallery, art stadium, like a wedding hall takes place. "President Hall," as it is called. GD Naidu discovered at the scene, all the tools, products are displayed. He was decorated with photographs depicting his achievements.

The entrance is located on two large glasses desperate alttivitum us. (Our image of ourselves and not rely on the network of the pond) was born in the village of normal without any facilities, the brain has only improved the capital, a witness to the achievements of the Industrial Revolution to face the record is a great man until today .. The arutkatciyakam.