Naidu was born in Kammavar viramankai species is known as "Queen mankammal". He is famous for the Tamil people. He built water tanks, roads, temple, pond, like Anna Salai still sings her praises.

"Mankatha" will have heard the term, it is called Mangamma Shrine of the Queen of the North Indian population. Immortality in the minds of people who are famous. The Queen was very fast in their political strategy. History says that his bravery had enemies like the bran.

His reign was headquartered in Madurai Naidu said.

Queen mankammal:
Father - linkama Nayak
Husband - cokkanata Nayak
Son: Ranga Krishna major Veerappa Nayak (1682-1689)

Erukinrar throne at the age of 15, he defeated his son chokkanata Naidu. Rankakrisnar in 1,681 bn, with the war dead, leaving a small child climbed rankanar utankattai's wife. If a child can not govern the country as political heir, the "Queen of Martial mankammal Maidens" rule etutti held in his hand. Madurai, Tamil Naidu rule elegant kings ruled until 1705 in the glory of immortality was tanakenru to a separate location.

The ability
Madurai Naidu Muslim state government, despite Maratha Legislation concerning the problem itself to the political strategy of challenging the courage to confront the Wiener astound us all "Mankatha".

And when the rule is fulfilled, the king of Travancore, Ravi varman a little more respect from the king that the queen, who fought and won in 1697 with his soldiers captured tiruvitankurai.

Similarly, Wiener ramanatapurattai kaikullakave year was the queen had warned SETHUPATHI. (That Ramanathapuram milk Forest area, the people living on the tirutuvataiye ancestry. Kallar was still the name of the people, the king of the neighboring country heading up to sleep in his own hands mankammal Queen veyta.

 Naidu Tanjore, Madurai Naidu orani have to stand in opposition to defeat the enemy, however, and in 1700 defeated the coalition Chikka Deva Raya king of Mysore

 Social services:
Mangamma Shrine Temple of Queen ennamal building, road construction, urban construction, water tank construction, gum, a lake, pond construction and social services came, one of the tasks of the queen who ruled the country like never before.

Standing proud:
Madurai, Ramanathapuram, Tuticorin districts, such as the dry lake, pond, causing gum up agriculture, the population increased livelihood.

For many pedestrians as set mankammal tavern food, tolerant facility provided (see today in South cimai)

Tamukkam Palace (Palace of the famous Queen mankammal, today is tamukati maitanaka) tamukkam mankammal on the grounds of the palace of the Queen went on an elephant used to fight.

Meenakshi Amman Temple in Madurai uncal service began, and still preserve many ornaments done as a tribute to the goddess.

In order to cross the river Kaveri, which revolutionized agriculture.

Agriculture in arid lands issued, the theft of the people's lives caused by the re-education center to learn as many records just by setting the "Queen viramankai mankammal".

 Religious harmony:
Although the Hindu religion and respect other matattinaraiyum queen lived. Shrine for Muslims, Christians worship to the site, what they gave to the queen of the right to worship. Reconciliation in the sense that such a period of time to a Hindu queen, the queen is born arite dominant caste.